The doctors and nurses of Wandin Valley


Dr Terence Elliott
Terence Elliott is the lynchpin of the medical community of Wandin Valley. He surprises some of his colleagues with surgical skills that are way beyond those of the average country doctor. There is more to this man than meets the eye, but he isn’t revealing too much, for now.

Dr Simon Bowen
Simon Bowen is the newest doctor in town. Young, rich and just a little bit flash, he is frustrated at being seen as an outsider by the tight knit country folk. Will he succeed in winning them around ‒ especially young vet Vicky Dean?

Sister Shirley Dean
Divorced Shirley Dean seems to be spending a lot of time fending off the attentions of widowed police sergeant Frank Gilroy. Whereas Shirley likes drinking wine, meditating under her pyramid and reading tea-leaves, she thinks Frank is a bit of an old stick in the mud. Can he win her round?

Vet Vicky Dean
Shirley’s daughter, Vicky Dean, is the town’s dedicated vet. She is passionate about her job, although she sometimes wonders if it is wise so often to accept typical country town payments of fresh farm produce rather than hard cash. Vicky has her feet on the ground and thinks Dr Simon Bowen is a snob. But does the lady protest too much?

Matron Marta Kurtesz
Marta is originally from Hungary. She is a dedicated and professional matron who cares about her patients but takes no nonsense. When she isn’t working, Marta loves to ride her horse, The General. And is there someone at the Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital she has her eye on?

Nurse Brendan Jones
Brendan arrives in Wandin Valley with his wife Molly from Adelaide. The couple are keen to start a new life in the country. Brendan loves his job, even if this is the 1980s and some of the patients find it difficult to believe that a man can be a nurse!


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