The people of Wandin Valley

Molly Jones
Molly has swapped a job in a glamorous fashion house for life in a small country town. She is determined to make things work, even if she soon realises she is much less prepared for rural living than she first thought. But Molly isn’t someone you can keep down for too long.

Frank Gilroy
Sergeant Frank Gilroy is a tough but fair cop. When he isn’t upholding law and order he likes to tend to his roses, many of which end up on the work desk of divorcee Shirley Dean …

Elaine Mackay
Elaine is a much loved and respected member of the local community. It’s thanks to her work with the Ladies Auxiliary that the Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital has some of its equipment.

Sandra Myers
Sandra Myers arrives in Wandin Valley in the final stages of labour. But she isn’t happy about having a baby and doesn’t want her husband to be contacted. This is one patient who will be a real challenge for the hospital staff.

Hal and Jenny Secombe
Hal has struggled to bring up his teenage daughter since her mother died. Now he faces his biggest challenge yet as Jenny gets a boyfriend and decides she’s ready for an adult relationship.

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